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    Welcome to Jnanasagara Central School

    Campus Location

    The school situated in the midst of 05 acres of campus in a green and serene locale near the Shimoga -Savalanga
    Main Road caters to almost all the educational needs of children and parents.
  • Jnanasagara_School

    Welcome to Jnanasagara Central School

    Class Rooms

    Learning should be fun!, Comfortable and sophisticated seating arrangements with sufficient writing space
    and enough room for keeping bags and belongings of students.
  • CBSE School Shimoga

    Welcome to Jnanasagara Central School

    The Campus

    The school building is perfectly designed for the needs of an Education Institution with wide corridors,
    clearly ventilated class rooms. It is also equipped with safety measures for the security of inmates.
  • Jnanasagara School activity

    Welcome to Jnanasagara Central School


    Apart from regular course works, we provide ample time and effort to learn other skills
    like, Computers, Sports activities, Abacus, English Lab and many more. All special subjects are taught along-side of core subjects.

About Us

Jnanasagara Educational Trust, a voluntary organization, is registered under Indian Trust Act. The trust having its head office at Shimoga initiated a decade back is seriously committed towards providing quality education and social service.

The President of the Trust Sri H.G Bheema Reddy is doing a yeoman service in the field of education since three decades.

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To educate the students to be motivated, pursuer of productive knowledge and skills and to become a humane citizen of the entire world.


Jnanasagara Central School is strongly focused to achieve our Vision:-

  • 1) Developing among the student a positive attitude towards productive knowledge and skills.
  • 2) Facilitate among the student the acquisition of productive knowledge and skills towards becoming productive citizen
  • 3) To enable the student to develop a wholesome personality for better world.
  • 4) To enable the student to fulfil thyself with productivity, positivity and humanity.