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About Jnanasagara Trust

  • Jnanasagara Educational Trust, a voluntary organization, is registered under Indian Trust Act. The trust having its head office at Shivamogga initiated a decade back is seriously committed towards providing quality education and social service.
  • The President of the Trust Sri H.G Bheema Reddy is doing a yeoman service in the field of education since three decades. He has been instrumental in starting many prestigious institutions in Shikaripura and Shivamogga, has been responsible for encouraging many educationists by providing them opportunities in the earlier institutions which have been functioning in shikaripura and Shivamogga under new managements.
  • The trust has also the pride of managing Jnanasagara D.Ed College, Jnanasagara B.Com and BBM College, Computer Education Centres at Shivamogga and various places. The institutions run by our trust are known for their quality education as the teachers of the institution are continuously apprised with the recent trends in pedagogy and their teaching subjects.


To educate the students to be motivated, pursuer of productive knowledge and skills and to become a humane citizen of the entire world.


    Jnanasagara Central School is strongly focused to achieve our Vision:-

  • Developing among the student a positive attitude towards productive knowledge and skills.
  • Facilitate among the student the acquisition of productive knowledge and skills towards becoming productive citizen
  • To enable the student to develop a wholesome personality for better world.
  • To enable the student to fulfil thyself with productivity, positivity and humanity.